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Maggie Mordaunt
Henderson, Nevada 89052
I am the Founder and Co-Owner and Lead Instructor for Homeland Personal Protection Firearms Training. My training is geared towards defensive shooting to defend against a potential lethal threat here in our Homeland, USA. As a female firearms instructor teaching the Certification Course for Multi-State Conceal Carry Weapon Permits, I'm known in the industry as CCW Maggie. I truly understand the importance of self-defense as a fundamental right.
In 2009 I began my career by obtaining all the requirements necessary to become a CCW/CFP instructor which were the NRA Instructor ratings. For the initial two years, I offered the CCW/CFP courses with a few fundamental firearms training classes. With a great response from the community and student base following,I taught and invested far more than the requirements necessary to become a NRA Training Counselor. In 2014 I obtained my TC rating and have been teaching the NRA curriculums for students and instructor candidates to become certified. 1CThere is a big difference in learning how to shoot a gun vs. learning how to use a gun for self-defense 1D Not only is self-defense a way of life for me, it is also a passion. I have found, there is much more to being a defense instructor than taking an NRA class, I live by the philosophy 1CTo be a great instructor, you have to be a great student 1D. I have always felt I could better serve the community by teaching life-saving skills rather than competition or recreational shooting. Over the past 7 years,I have had a steady diet of defensive education and training and have offered services to well over 7500 students. In delivering the training materials for Multi-State CCW Permits, I feel the Firearms Possession Laws and Self Defense Laws are a critical portion of the courses in addition to the topics of Use of Deadly Force, the Force Continuum and Criminal & Civil Liability. When you take a training course with me, you will often hear me say 1CSelf-Defense isn 19t just a right, it is also a Responsibility 1D meaning you have the responsibility to yourself to defend and protect yourself as well as having greater responsibility to avoid a confrontation if possible. There is so much more to know about carrying a firearm in public for self-defense than what can be taught in an 8 hour CCW course. Maggie takes training seriously. She has stated, 1CThere are times that I may be the one and only exposure for students to learn to defend themselves 1D and 1CStudents may attend only one training course for various reasons and I want to deliver the very best information and training possible and I always encourage ongoing skill development and evaluation. In my opinion, taking a CCW Course is important, yet additional Counter Ambush Methodology and developing Intuitive Learned Responses are critical to your survival and has created a training program to support all shooters regardless of experience. I offer Defensive Firearm Training Courses as a Certified DFC 13 Defensive Firearms Coach through I.C.E. Training 19s DFC Program which is powered by CFS 13 Combat Focus Shooting. I'm laser focused on being vetted as a Certified/Active CFS Instructor. I have taken training from several schools and instructors and feel the CFS Program has answered the technical 1CWHY 1D questions where other programs failed to. Maggie feels the CFS program is 1CThe Program 1D that offers a realistic approach to defensive shooting based on science, physics, human performance factors and empirical evidence. I'm committed to having my students take away so much more than a plastic card that allows a person to Carry a Concealed Firearm. My desire is that students develop personal skills through my instruction that may potentially save their lives or the life of a loved one. I'm currently offering several different training courses to civilians, law enforcement and our military. In 2015 I achieved my Defensive Firearms Coach Instructor certification through I.C.E. training and have been teaching the Fundamentals of Home Defense and The Fundamentals of Conceal Carry. In 2017 I did a soft launch of Womens Defense Network. I have achieved my Certification as a USCCA Training Councelor and look forward to offering the Instructor Development course to teach Instructors to teach the USCCA end user courses.
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