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Marcial E. Lopez
Winter Haven, Florida 33884
Having grown up in a military family I was around guns since very early in my life. I killed my first deer at the age of 8 and I knew how to survive in the woods by the time I was 10.
I was involved in pistol competitions very early in life and I stuck with single action competitions for the rest of my early years. I introduced my son into cowboy single actions which we did once a month until my son graduated from high school when he left to join the US marines.
I have carry a pistol with me for the last 25 years and I have never had to use it to defend myself. By the time I reached middle age I was always interested in introducing other people into the joys of shooting and teach them how to defend themselves and their family.
I found USCCA and I joined last year and I was so lucky to get the chance to become a instructor and my goal is now to get as many americans to take advantage of their 2nd amendment right and Florida carry laws.
The more people I train the better I feel by having more and more americans carry a firearm on a daily basis because the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is having a good guy with a gun.
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