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Eric Welsh
Atlanta, Indiana 46031
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My personal goal is to make all firearms owners ASAP (As SAFE As Possible). To that end, I founded KSA Firearms Education in 2014. I strive to make my classes affordable, very accessible, and extremely informative. As you come to realize that you are your own first line of self defense (and not 911) you start look for effective means of accomplishing that. A firearm is one of the tools that can work for you. The safe and responsible use of that firearm is what I teach. I have taught Basic Pistol to well over 1200 students, during some 150 individual classes. Each class is slightly different, depending upon the students comprising that class. While Basic Pistol is my most popular course, I have several other courses from which you can chose. These include the three USCCA courses you find here, Ballistics, Reloading, the NRA's Refuse to be a Victim course, and various private instruction options. THE ENDLESS RIVER OF KNOWLEDGE <> SKILLS <> ATTITUDE STARTS HERE. USCCA Certified Training Counselor since 18 Sep 2016 -- USCCA Certified Instructor since 28 June 2016 -- GLOCK Certified Armorer since 12 June 2016 -- GLOCK Certified Armorer ADVANCED since 11 Oct 2017 -- NRA Certified Instructor since 2005 -- Purdue University grad. (BS-IT, 1991) -- Eagle Scout (1980) --
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