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Rob Beckman
Cincinnati, Ohio 45248

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I am a USCCA Training Counselor, Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Level 1&2 instructor, NRA Training Counselor, IALEFI Firearm Instructor, Chief Range Safety Officer, and Regional Counselor for Refuse To Be A Victim. Certified to teach all NRA classes in pistol, rifle, muzzle loading, defensive pistol, home firearm safety, hunting clinics, reloading, and RTBAV. One of the few Training Counselor who can teach all the NRA courses. Ohio Hunter and Trapper Education Instructor.

Also certified from the USCCA to team the Emergency First Aid and Countering Mass Shooter Threats.

For well over 40 years I have been around guns starting when I was a young man on my grand parents farm to when I received formal education in the Boy Scouts. In my adult life I became a Hunter Education Instructor, NRA Instructor, and BSA Merit Badge Counselor working with Boy Scouts and Venture Scouts
My classes qualify you to apply for an Ohio CCW license, Indiana CCW, and/or Florida CCW. I also teach NRA Instructors in all the disciplines including the NRA Basic Pistol program which instructor can use to teach CCW. I try to install as much knowledge as I can in my students but also try to instill in them a desire to seek out additional knowledge and training. Training isn't a single class but a life long pursuit.
Being a firearm owner and using that firearm is a great responsibility which I try to instill in all my students. Whether you are using a firearm for hunting, enjoyment, or protection you owe it to yourself and to your family to ensure you have the training and knowledge to use it safely and responsibly.
I also believe that one is none and two is one. Meaning that you always have to have a backup plan because you never know when something is going to malfunction or the situation is not right for your original plan. Know for your equipment, care for your equipment, and always make sure you have a backup plan.
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