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Gary Peterson
Willmar, Minnesota 56201

With this class you can apply for your CCW permits in Minnesota and Florida. The Minnesota permit allows you to carry in 28 states. Adding the Florida permit allows you to carry in 35 states.

Total cost for the class is $89
The class is from 9:00 to 2:00
Classes 3rd Saturday every month

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* Developing a personal protection plan
* Self-defense firearms basics
* Shooting fundamentals
* The legal use of force
* Violent encounters and their aftermath
* Gear and gadgets
* Basic and advanced skills
* Minnesota Permit to Carry law

* US Concealed Carry Association Certified Instructor
* US Concealed Carry Association Training Counselor
* NRA Certified Instructor
* NRA Chief Range Safety Officer
* MADFI Minnesota Permit to Carry Certified Instructor
* Front Sight Firearms Training Institute Distinguished Graduate
* Combat Focus Shooting Graduate

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