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David Turner
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52405
Founded and Managed by David W. Turner Sr.

USCCA Certified Instructor and Counsellor

Retired US Air Force Security Policeman

Recognized Expert in Resource Protection, Law Enforcement, Intrusion Alarm Systems, Physical Security; and Testing / Evaluation of in place facilities, personnel, processes, leadership and responses to attacks.

Trained in Hostage Negotiations; Personnel Security; Nuclear Security; Law Enforcement (USAF and Graduate of the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center)

Our company is geared towards training people in the safe use of firearms. We primarily focus on people interested in Concealed Carry Certification. The training is not a rubber stamp for certification. We believe strongly an armed society is a peaceful (and polite) society.

Our students are taught the USCCA course and the State Requirements for their state of residence. We are based in Iowa.

We believe in the law of primacy in instruction-First Taught, Best Remembered. Because of this, we strive to ensure our students get the best training with the most current information.

The instruction method is through professional presentation of facts. The instructor uses lecture, interactive questions with the class, Videos, Power Point Presentations and the Concealed Carry Home Defense Fundamentals Book written by Michael Martin (you will receive your own copy of the book to keep).

The class culminates in a quiz to determine retention.

When you graduate from our class, you will have learned the importance of developing a Personal and Home Protection Plan; Self Defense Firearm Basics; Defensive Shooting Fundamentals; legal use of Force; Violent Encounters and Their Aftermath; Gear and Gadgets; and Basic and Advance Skills.
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