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Rodney Gamble
Chicago, Illinois 60613

I am a Certified Firearms Instructor (#509240) and Training Counselor(#509240) with the USCCA. I have 31 years of shooting experience and more than 33 years as a Martial Artist and Instructor, training with many weapons, that ingrained in me important combat skills, especially weapons safety, to respect them and have a dedication to training. I have learned discipline and conflict avoidance, especially as a member of the USCCA. I was also an armed security officer, gaining experience safely open carrying in public and training with firearms and working with the Police. I am a member/volunteer with the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation. I teach CCW and the responsibility and respect it deserves. I can also teach you to become a USCCA Certified Instructor if you would like to pass along the skills you've learned. Remember, SAFETY and CONSTANT TRAINING is a LIFESTYLE, and necessary in becoming professional and comfortable with carrying a firearm. Every fight avoided is a fight won.

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