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W. George Gaines
Murphy, North Carolina 28906
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Chief Instructor Background and Qualifications

Chief Instructor - W. George Gaines

Firearms Certifications & Licenses

USCCA Certified Instructor
USCCA Training Counselor
US Gun Class Certified Instructor
NRA Range Safety Officer
NRA Certified Instructor, Home Firearm Safety
NRA Certified Instructor, "Refuse To Be A Victim"
State of Florida Concealed Weapon or Firearm License

Memberships & Honors

USCCA Platinum Member
International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors Active Member
NRA Life & Endowment Member, Golden Eagles, Patriot Medal
Florida Carry Sustaining Member
Florida Firearms Academy

Firearms Experience

First Firearm, .22LR Mossberg Rifle, Age 14
Carried Firearm Since 1968
Competitive NRA Bulls Eye Shooter Since 2012
FrontSight, Defensive Handgun Training, 2016
Active Shooters - The Israeli Experience, 2017

Formal Education

B.A., University of Alabama
M.A., Atlanta University
Ed. D., University of Georgia

Teaching Experience

Florida, Georgia Secondary Public Schools
University of Georgia, Teaching Assistant
University of Georgia, Supervisor of Student Teachers
University of New Orleans, Associate Professor of Education
Louisiana State University Medical Center, Coordinator of Instructional Services
Conducted Teaching Workshops for Professors at Numerous Colleges & Universities
Directed and Mentored Junior Staff in Private Industry
University of Florida, College of Business, Visiting Professor
University of Central Florida, College of Business, Visiting Lecturer

Gaines Concealed Carry Offers In-Home Classes

The Chief Instructor can come to your location to provide personalized training. All courses are taught using high quality USCCA developed materials and conform to USCCA standards. The Chief Instructor will fully engage students in course content by means of PowerPoint slides, embedded videos, and discussion.

Convenience. You don't need to travel and the courses can be scheduled at a time that is convenient to you, family, and/or friends. The Chief Instructor will provide laptop computer, monitor, textbooks, and all supplementary materials. All you need to provide is an electrical outlet, table and chairs. Participants are encouraged to take notes.

Individualized Attention. Because of small group size and comfortable setting, the Chief Instructor can provide participants with personal attention, address special needs of participants, and make certain that all your questions are addressed. While many ranges offer excellent courses in firearms safety, their classes are much larger and can be intimidating, as they place you in an unfamiliar setting with strangers.

Hands on Training. In many courses taught outside the home, firearms are not permitted in the classroom. However, since the course is being offered in your residence, this limitation does not apply. During class, however, all firearms must remain unloaded and encased. No live ammunition is permitted in the classroom itself. At the appropriate time the Chief Instructor will demonstrate and permit you to demonstrate safe handling of your firearm.

Learn How to Defend Your Family in Your Home. Another important benefit of In-Home Training is that the Chief Instructor can show you how to develop a home defense plan and identify specifics for improving it.

Save Money.It is strongly recommended that both spouses participate in training. Discounted pricing becomes available to the hosting household when additional persons are invited. Please call the Chief Instructor to learn more.
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