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Suzie and Ken Doer
Russellville, Kentucky 42276
Hello our names are Ken and Suzie Doer and we are a husband and wife instructor team. We are passionate about providing excellent firearms courses for responsibly armed citizens like you.

USCCA Instructor Course:

We offer the USCCA Instructor Course throughout the year and consider it a privilege to have you in the class. If you are seeking dates and more information about the course, please see our detailed info page at this link. You can copy and paste it into your browser:!uscca-instructor-course/x0lc0

We provide a professional, friendly, and comfortable training atmosphere at our Sights On Safety Classroom and Range facilities. For a complete list of all our training classes, please see our website

Our certifications include:

International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor United States Conceal Carry Association Certified Training Counselor
Kentucky Department Of Criminal Justice CCDW Instructor Trainer
Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Kentucky CCDW Instructors
Electronic Control Device / Stun Gun Certified Instructor Trainers OC Spray Certified Instructor Trainers
NRA Certified Instructors
NRA Chief Range Safety Officer
NRA Range Safety Officers
NAEMT Certified Tactical Combat Casualty Care medic
Corporal and Expert Marksman US Marine Corp in Desert Storm
and others.

All of our classes are very involved and interactive. We value our participants. Our satisfied customers return for additional firearms training after they take our conceal carry classes.

We are committed to continuing our firearm training and education to become better instructors for you, our students, who matter most. We look forward to hearing from you.
See you in class!

Suzie and Ken Doer
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