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Kim Condon
Raymond, Mississippi 39154
Owning a firearms training academy, BoondocksFTA,llc has allowed me the opportunity to share my training in self-defense,using tools such as a firearm and provide an establishment for beginners,especially women,so they too can become better prepared for the unexpected. My main goal is to introduce more women to the world of firearms and defensive handling through education and opportunities. I would like to create an impressionable experience like mine has been for me. I will strive to make a difference... one class at a time!

Co-Owner of Boondocks Firearms Training Academy
USCCA Certified Training Counselor
NRA Chief Range Safety Officer
NRA Certified Instructor (Pistol & PPITH)
The Well Armed Woman Certified Instructor
The Well Armed Woman Clinton/Raymond Chapter Leader
The D.C. Project - Mississippi Delegate
IDPA - Safety Officer
My background in firearms comes from my formal instruction of various disciplines of firearms training including Gunsite Academy-AZ,Tactical Response-TN,Way of the Gun-AL,BabesWithBullets-LA and carbine training at Shootrite Academy-AL
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