USCCA Instructor
Announcing A Major Change To The Affiliate
Instructor Program...
Please read this email in it's entirety as it contains major changes that affect your status as a USCCA Affiliate Instructor...
The USCCA Affiliate Instructor program is now being replaced with the USCCA Associate Instructor program.
This change will take effect June 1st, 2016.
Why the change...?
We want to ensure that anyone teaching with our product and our USCCA name has the appropriate credentials to provide the quality training people come to expect from the USCCA.
Because of that, the USCCA Affiliate Instructor program will no longer exist as of June 1st, 2016...
The new Associate Instructor Program allows for credentialed and qualified instructors (by sources other than the USCCA) to use the USCCA Instructor Toolkit when teaching concealed carry and/or home defense fundamentals courses.
To put it simply, the new "Associate Instructor" designation will be for all Instructor Toolkit owners who provide proof of their credentials to the USCCA.
So, what do you need to do...?
As a current USCCA Affiliate Instructor, you have 3 choices:
1) Become a USCCA Associate Instructor: If you currently own the USCCA Instructor toolkit and are not a USCCA Certified Instructor, you may become a USCCA Associate Instructor simply by submitting a copy of your credentials that demonstrates you have been awarded "Certified Firearms Instructor" status from a State or Nationally recognized training organization.
a. Submit your credentials via email to:
b. Submit your credentials via fax to: 1-262-334-4050
As a USCCA Associate Instructor you'll continue to have access to the USCCA Instructor Portal with the following benefits:
You'll be able to advertise that you are using the USCCA's classroom presentation material. But you may NOT advertise as a USCCA Certified Instructor.
You'll be able to purchase and offer your students the award-winning textbook "Concealed Carry & Home Defense Fundamentals" by the case at a 46% discount.
You'll be able to purchase cases of Concealed Carry Magazine, the most all-inclusive personal firearms defense magazine on the market (to pass out to your students), for an 83% discount.
You'll be eligible to purchase additional USCCA-branded curriculum to match the level of your credentials as it becomes available.
You'll be able to earn a 50% commission on every student that you refer that purchases a USCCA membership. (That's up to $174 per membership!)
2) Upgrade Your Status To USCCA Certified Instructor:
As a USCCA Certified Instructor, you'll have all of the benefits awarded to USCCA "Associate" Instructors, PLUS:
You'll be listed on our website under "Find An Instructor." Additionally, USCCA Member Service Representatives will refer customers who contact us looking for an instructor, to a USCCA Certified Instructor nearest to them.
You may advertise yourself as a USCCA Certified Instructor and we'll provide you with logos to use for print materials, websites, social media, and clothing.
You'll receive Free Shipping when buying cases of the Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals Textbook → the average savings equate to $20 per case.
You'll be awarded premium purchase discounts on bulk textbook purchases starting at 46% for 1 case, 50% for 2 cases and 54% for 3 or more cases.
You'll receive Free Shipping on purchases of cases of Concealed Carry Magazine → the average savings equate to $20 per case.
You're eligible to purchase discounted USCCA branded curriculum as it becomes available. You may also choose to add subsequent certifications to your resume by taking additional training with USCCA Training Counselors.
You'll have unrestricted access to the USCCA Instructor Portal where you'll find: presentation support videos, lesson plans, registration forms, quizzes, state-legal supplements, and business development resources.
You'll have an opportunity to apply to become a USCCA Training Counselor.
If you wish to upgrade and become a USCCA Certified Instructor, simply call
1-877-577-4800 and a USCCA Member Services Advisor will assist you in gaining access and purchasing your eLearning prerequisite module (a $147 value).
Once you've completed this 7-hour online class you'll then be eligible to take the USCCA Instructor Certification course with one of our many nationwide USCCA Training Counselors.
3) Do nothing: You'll still have your USCCA Toolkit...but as of June 1, 2016 you'll no longer have access to the USCCA Instructor Portal and all of the associated resources.
You'll no longer be recognized as an instructor with an affiliation to the USCCA, and you'll not be authorized to represent yourself as a USCCA Affiliate Instructor or USCCA Associate Instructor.
How does this impact the Affiliate Sales/Marketing Program...?
The Affiliate Instructor program and the Affiliate Sales/Marketing programs are separate (despite having similar names).
If you're also involved in the Affiliate Sales/Marketing program, that will continue to operate as it does now, no change...
You'll continue to work with Brad Connor, our Business Development Manager, and his team.
BUT, if you want to function as a USCCA supported INSTRUCTOR, you must choose option 1 or 2 above.
If you have any questions please contact us at or call 1-877-577-4800 and one of our
Member Services Advisors will assist you.
Thank you,
Steve Fischer
Director of USCCA Education & Training
P. S. - Remember, the above Instructor Program changes will take effect June 1st, 2016...
Please do not wait to take action.
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