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USCCA Certified Instructors are strong supporters of the USCCA and the USCCA Instructor Program. In order to protect and respect our USCCA Instructors’ privacy and time, and to avoid unnecessary disruption in their businesses, we have established guidelines for solicitation of USCCA Instructors and use and dissemination of the USCCA Instructor e-mail lists on the USCCA Instructor website.
The USCCA provides the e-mail lists for our USCCA Instructors on our website to promote those instructors, to provide information for USCCA members and the general public to contact those instructors for business and training opportunities, and to provide other USCCA Instructors the opportunity to communicate regarding USCCA Instructor business. In making the USCA Instructor e-mails available on a public forum, The USCCA is providing a service to the USCCA Instructors. However, The USCCA wants to avoid any misuse of the USCCA Instructor e-mail lists. As such USCCA Instructors are prohibited from:
Using the USCCA Instructor e-mail list for their own profit by selling the e-mail lists to 3rd parties or using the e-mail lists for purposes relating to non-USCCA related products or services
Sending any unsolicited commercial e-mails to the USCCA Instructor e-mail list related to non-USCCA related matters
Using the USCCA Instructor e-mail list for any purpose other than for communication directly related to or arising out of USCCA Instructor business or inquiries
Using the USCCA Instructor e-mail list to introduce non-USCCA Instructor related business, opportunities, items for sale, promotion of any non-USCCA or non USCCA Instructor related products or services, soliciting or seeking to obtain membership in other organizations, posting or distributing any non-USCCA related information, goods, or services, or advertising any non-USCCA related items.
The USCCA Instructor program will require strict adherence to this Policy. Failure to comply with this Policy or violations of this Policy may result in termination and/or revocation of your USCCA Trainer Certification. The USCCA shall enforce this Policy and all decisions regarding this Policy or violations thereof are in the sole and absolute discretion of the USCCA.
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